Deals from Gurgaon Builders Because of Muted Real Estate Markets

Vatika, for instance, is offering ready apartments in Gurgaon on a 20% down payment and the remaining after 18 months, with no EMI or rent in the interim.

Via – Economic Times


But the market has slowly started seeing a pick up:

Brokers and builders are seeing more inquiries in the last three months. “They are getting out of their houses now,” says Sumit Joshi, director of Noida-based real estate brokerage Real Credit Consultancy.

Via – Economic Times

Navratri Specials from Gurgaon Restaurants

Cafe Wanderlust & Made in Punjab Offering Specific Navratri Thalis


Navratri season is on and the restaurants in Gurgaon have no option but to offer different varieties of the ‘Navratri thali’ to sustain the business.The restaurants are working hard to meet the expectations of the clientele especially for the food lovers and experimenters. They are presenting vrat food in different ways and experimenting with cooking to satisfy the customers. ‘Cafe Wanderlust’ and ‘Made in Punjab’ (Cyber Hub) have one of the most popular vrat thalis served.

Gurgaon Offers a Variety of Choices

Twinkle Bhayana, who stays on Sohna Road, adds, “All major restaurants are now serving vrat thalis, which is great because now my family and I can eat in the same restaurant during my fasts. I always wanted to make my otherwise hard-core non-vegetarian husband and daughter eat some saatvik food. Thanks to these restaurants, which prepare vrat food in such innovative ways, my family has also started enjoying my kind of food. We’ve eaten vrat-wale sizzlers, kheer and raita, which my family finds interesting to experiment with and I find convenient.”